Introduction to 2002 Manuscript, the 2013 Reprint and the 2013 2nd Edition
John M. Gurgel - Dec 2001
The original edition of what is now known as The Book of Dad was a single photocopy of a 178 page manuscript sent to Grandpa Gurgel in January of 2002, compiled by John from his family emails. Notes from John to Grandpa:

I set the font at 13, a little larger for your eyes, but not too large that it would take a ream of paper.

Please edit. Contrivances include: One space after a period (although two are acceptable they harken back to the typewriter era); Brackets [ ] for insertion of your editorial comments in narratives like Mom’s letters and diary notes; Chapters are arbitrary and based both on chronology and towns—suggestions welcome; Sections within the chapters are based on your emails, although some of your emails turned into Notes (I started to title the sections, your suggestions welcome; the Notes are email comments from the kids (added chronologically and placed by the appropriate narrative of yours) and brief additions and corrections of yours—comments and suggestions and additions welcome—you may have comments from kids that I don’t).

I caught most of the double spaces after periods (no need for you to look for or edit those, Word will do it automatically for me on a final draft); I corrected most spellings, but a few remain—mark the ones you notice; I started spelling out “seminary” where you wrote “sem.” I haven’t changed all of them, but not for you to worry, Word will find and replace on command. I am relying on you for the spelling of people’s names.

If you feel the need to write additional narratives, help yourself. John, Dec. 2001

Paul R. Gurgel - 2013
After retiring from teaching at Immanuel Lutheran High School, College and Seminary in 1986, Dad moved to Mankato, MN. Here he and Mom lived until her death on March 2, 1999. During this time Dad served as vacancy pastor to a number of congregations, while Mom dedicated her time to painting over fifty pictures. After Mom’s death, he continued to live alone, lovingly attended by daughters Kathy and Bethany. In his apartment on 5th St., he spent many hours baking thousands of cookies for the ‘kids.’ In 2011, recognizing he could no longer continue to live alone, he moved back to Eau Claire to live with daughter Deborah. A number of falls and a sequence of monthly visits to the emergency room resulted in yet another move. On February 13, 2012 he moved into assisted living at the Rutledge Home in Chippewa Falls, WI.

Now at the ripe of age of 92, he continues to reside in Room #114. Visits and telephone calls (715-726-1121) are always welcome and received with pleasure.

NOTE: Dad was 80+ years old and had just learned to use the computer when he began writing these notes and emailing them out over a two year period. MUCH work still needs to be done in the editing dept. Also, a disk of the 750 pictures that Deb scanned from Mom’s photo album (including a number of her paintings) is available. Paul

John M. Gurgel, Editor and Web Master - 2013
These words are yet to come...