Recollections of Roland A. Gurgel via emails to family, 2000-2001

image With time on my hands, I will use it to send a few words in the direction of sons and daughters. Think back to the time you all were little and dependent on mother and me. Little faces gathered around the table and enjoying what mother had prepared in her own special way. [I] always thought you were more than ready to eat what was before you. But in these latter years, I have heard more than once the remark, “We had to eat, Dad made us.” Well that probably was true. Children must learn to eat what is good for them. I also hear the remarks, “I wish I could have again what I did not particularly like as a child. Now I miss it.” Good old noodle ring or chicken noodle soup with mother's noodles or even squash etc.

Not only do some of you think back to the table but also to the weeks spent at Taylor's cottage. The boat rides to the little store on Little Spirit Lake and the roaming in the woods that surrounded the cottage. Jumping into the lake and splashing and even doing a little fishing from the dock.

The Sunday afternoons spent on South Mountain were special for me. Some of you looking for rattlesnakes or enjoying the view of the Salt River Valley. Warm days and plenty of orange juice from the trees at Windsor Hall. [I] often think of the responsibility we placed on Lois Jean’s shoulders when mother and I were both working trying to make ends meet with nine of you to keep alive, fed and clothed.

Cheyenne days also brought much pleasure to you. Rodeo days and journeying to the mountains and lakes. Many memories to cherish along with the many years in Eau Claire and ILC.

Someone once wrote, "Come along with me the best is yet to be." True. For heaven will far surpass what earth has to offer, but as far as what is left in time the best has been.

Enough for now of yesterday.

Enjoyed Neil's weeks here in Mankato. Hope he got back to Eau Claire OK and will be going back to Saginaw this weekend. Regards to all of you. Look forward to spring and its warmth.