Gurgel Ancestors
History Compiled by Barb Matz.

This is a bit of history compiled by my niece Barb Matz. It takes the Gurgel ancestors further back than I previously did.

Descendants of Johann Ludwig Gurgel. He was born in 1805 in Strickershagen, Pommern, Preuassen married to Caroline Friedericke Brueggmann (born 1810) in Prussia on 22 October 1830 in Winterhagen, Pommern, Preussen.

To this couple were born 8 children. Christian, Anna, Adeline, Johann, Martin, Johanna, Charlotte, and Ferdinand, Wilhelm Gurgel.

Ferdinand was the father of my father. He was born l8 of February, in Nesekow, Pommern, Preuseen. He died on the 4th of February 1902 in Brownsville, Houston , MN. So my father was 13 years old when his father died.

The oldest of my father's siblings was Fred Theodore Gurgel born in Schlawe, Pommern Germany (Slawno, Poland) on December 22, 1877. He died in Grants Pass Oregon.

Mary Augusta Schultz born 1880 also in Germany married Paul Schultz on June 19, l906 in First Lutheran, La Crosse, Wisconsin (that is the church where I served from April 1945 to May 1947).

Ida Sophia Gurgel 1883 born in La Crosse. Died July 5th, 1958 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She married a James Alex Lowry on August 2, l882 of Greenfield, Wisconsin. They were married on January 18, 1912 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. James died in 1949.

Margaret Minnie Gurgel born on September 6 1886 in La Crosse. Died in Twin Cities, MN. She was married to Hugo Immanuel Frey who was born in Stuttgart, Germany. They were married on April 3 1906 in La Crosse.

Herman Ernest Gustav Gurgel 1888-1959. Born in La Crosse died in New Ulm. Married to Flora Johanna Marie Pohl.

Details of the marriage of Hermann and Flora have been given previously.

The children of all the marriages from Johann Ludwig Gurgel down through the years till the present are given on the sheets provided by Barb Matz. If you are interested in them, let me know and I can provide.

Your names and the names of your spouses and of your children as well as birth dates etc. are available upon request.

Maybe the best way of providing you with such information would to make copies of the 4 plus pages and send them to you.

Attended the wedding of Vanessa Bernthal on June 23. Drove over with Kathy and Omar. We stopped at Kenosha on Thursday evening and by Friday late afternoon were in Saginaw. The wedding service was well attended. Paul, Barb, Nathan, and Joshua were there. Michael Ude was also present as well as Kathy, Omar and myself from the Gurgel side. A host of Bernthals as well as many other relatives and friends. Luke preached the sermon and did very well. Had a delightful meal at a German restaurant in Frankenmuth, Michigan. We came back by way of Ludington. Crossed over the lake on a car ferry and from there home. By the way, I should mention that Donald and Doris were also there at the wedding.

Daniel is here for another day. He came Sunday night, so did Rollie. Daniel plans on going to visit Paul and Barb on Wednesday and then back to Tampa.

Marie, my sister, rode with Kathy and Omar from Mankato to La Crosse. From there she went to Manitowoc to help Margaret and Oscar celebrate their 50th anniversary on June 23. Marie went with Dorius and Doris's daughter to that event. On the way back from Saginaw we picked Marie up again and brought her to Mankato where her son Edward came and picked her up and took her back to New Ulm.

So much for current family news.

Dad History Compiled by Barb Matz

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